Top Five Fashion Ideas For College Guys

Many times, pass out graduate know they have a great love for fashion, but they are not very sure how or where to begin pursuing careers in such a dynamic industry. There are many scholarship competition where one can learn about fashion and become creative and gets hands on. Here are few ideas that suits to college guys.

1. Scarves.

Scarves are getting popular in universities and schools. Its a perfect way to dress up  those lazy sweatpants and tee. Adding a scarf to your ensemble makes it look like you’ve made an effort to look smart and decent, even if you haven’t. Plus they’re soft, warm and cozy; what’s not to love about them?

2. Cuff it.

Cuffed up pants are also making their mark on the fashion scene. They give off a sophisticated vibe and  easy to do. It needs only few seconds to complete and are free, which is their added bonus. Cuff it up to group meetings, library study sessions and even your weekend hangouts; people will be impressed. Plus, when it rains, you don’t have to worry about wet pant bottoms (which, as we all know, become very irritating).
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